apathetic-anima-deactivated2014 asked: http://australianbeauties.tumblr.com/post/2869988954/this-gorgeous-model-from-our-wonderful-south
ah, thankyou! haha,
who is this? i'm guessing we're facebook friends because that photo isn't on my tumblr :) x

No worries megan! your absoloutely stunning!

ahah yeah we are, thats like my favouriteeeee photo of you,

so natural and gorgeous! x :D

Anonymous asked: http://imloudwithoutasound.tumblr.com/

i can’t find any pictures of themselves! sorry x

Anonymous asked: just have a squiz. look around, they can be cute too. or some kind of good looking.

ofcourse, if i have the time. i will have a look around! x

any suggestions?

Anonymous asked: i absolutely love this idea and you're blog but i do have one problem i think i have notice that there are MANY people who have been suggested and they haven't been placed on here i was just wondering did they not cut it or something?

no ofcourse not!

i havent looked at all of them still.

and some people just suggest the blog, and its hard to find a picture of them through many pages of there blog plus the fact i would have no idea what they look like!

This gorgeous model from our wonderful south australia, megan. will go on to do great things with her amamazzzinnggg smile!


cheap-money asked: Woah I'm on here
Thanks baby, cute tumblr xxx

no worries, your amazingggg.

Anonymous asked: i dont know find some.

im busy enough as it is, thanks very much..

Anonymous asked: wtf why is boyschasegirls on hereshes fuckin rank


shes gorgeous.

Anonymous asked: post some hot males!

not many males have tumblr though! :( recomend some!